Here We Go Again

The Distracted Cook has been trying for over a year now to master the art of the sourdough. I received a “starter” from a friend ( and that was an experience in itself as she had to send it through the mail all the way from Connecticut) and then I  promptly began feeding it and tending to it.

After it was suitably acclimated to being “down South” I decided to give it a try by baking some sourdough bread. Ha! After making at least a dozen doorstops, hockey pucks, and frisbees I knew something was not going right. And now, here we go again.
Yes, I am still trying to get it right – or at least close enough that poor Buddy isn’t eating loaves as hard as his dog biscuits.

This morning I found a recipe that I think I have tried before. But, it is cooler now. And, I think I know what I am doing now. However, we won’t know that until tomorrow. So far, I have started hatching out the starter for this recipe. Here is what it looks like sitting on the counter in its covered container. I used my handy-dandy kitchen scale to be sure that I am doing this correctly. Well. I should say I used the kitchen scale to get as close as I could to doing it correctly. Even when measuring by weight, I am distracted by the g’s, kg’s, oz’s, and lb’s. And then there are the liquid ml’s. What’s a girl to do? Fake it till you bake it, I think. More tomorrow….